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Year of the Dog – #DogHeroes

We’ve just welcomed in the Chinese New Year, and as most of you know or have heard, 2018 is Year of the Dog. In Chinese astrology, every  year is related to a different zodiac animal in a twelve year cycle, and this year happens to be Fido’s turn.

But I’m not going to talk about moons, houses, fortune and other nonsense. If you know anything about me from reading my blog, you’ll know that I’m an astronomy lover, which makes me anti-astrology by proxy. But enough of that.

Year of the Dog should be a time for us to reflect upon important issues, to show some extra love and affection to our companions, our working dogs, our protectors, our children…and this also means paying close attention to the dogs that don’t get this same treatment.

All over the world, unfortunately, dogs are abandoned, abused, neglected and tossed away, when they’ve served their useful purpose, or they’ve grown from cute puppy into 40kg of fun. Whilst there are rudimentary laws in place to stop such acts, mostly  it’s down to the work of handfuls of caring individuals, organisations and charities to pick up the mess, and start down the long road to rehabilitation and re-homing.

In the next blogs, I’ll be focusing on some #DogHeroes – highlighting the tireless work of these people, and showing the difference that they make, very often relying on their own pocket and the donations of animal lovers like ourselves. Be aware, read the stories, if you see an abandoned or injured dog, pick it up, and if you can’t, give it what you can and pick up the phone. More importantly, understand that even the smallest donation can go a long way.

You can also help by sharing your own #DogHeroes. Use the hashtag, please! Share this blog, nominate your own heroes in the comments,  and feel free to talk about this on social media. If you know a worthy cause, shout about it. If you adopted a dog from one of these angels, tell the world about it. And stay tuned for the next blog where I’ll introduce the first #DogHero.


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