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Why Your Pets Matter

“If it is in our power to prevent something bad from happening, without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable moral importance, we ought, morally, to do it.” – Peter Singer,  ethicist and Animal Rights activist.

Even if we shut off the media that surrounds us, we’re haunted by images of suffering, and we feel an instinctual drive to help. From reducing our waste, to donating money, to giving up everything and travelling to a war-torn city;  the human drive for empathy and giving is hard to resist.

Beyond our own species there are millions of sharks killed for their fins every year, pangolins hunted to near extinction in Asia, and, closer to home, dogs living in under-funded shelters or being thrown out into the street. Rampant abandonment and abuse. None of us, when we choose to look, can ever look away. Suffering elicits the better angels of our natures.

Of course, not all of us are designed to be conservationists, fund-raisers, or doctors without borders – more’s the pity! But that’s fine; charity, like politics, is more honest, more sincere at the grass-roots level. We don’t all have to be Oxfams or Medecins Sans Frontiers. We can, however, be foot soldiers for empathy. Using our own unique gifts, powers, even destinies.

I want to do this in my own way. The endometriosis that hounds me makes it unlikely for me to be on the active, physical front line. But fortunately, I have my art. It’s all I have and, I’d like to think, it’s more than worthwhile! And I want to use it collaboratively; I want to include you in my small, meaningful battle.

I am open for commissions, of watercolours, oils, pencils; I’m open for a variety of pet, wildlife and abstract commissions – I want to see and get to know your pet, its story, your own, your passion, your curiosities. From these I commit to donate 25% of the fees to a charity or organisation of your choosing. Where do you want to take your battle, what are the causes dear to you – malaria, poverty, hunger, species conservation or simply your local animal shelter or rescue home. Incidentally, follow this link for a list of worthwhile, trustworthy and transparent charities – www.thelifeyoucansave.org/Top-Charities

Let’s marry aesthetics and empathy and give life – and our pets – just that little bit more meaning.

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