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The Painting Full Circle – Circumpolar

Work on the ‘Circumpolar’ Triptych is now complete, and I’m very happy with the results. I feel I captured the epic migration with moving results and beautiful colours.

Canvas 1 – Borealis

The Arctic Tern starts its journey in the Arctic, and shortly after fledging begins its mammoth annual migration south, a winding route taking it to the Antarctic coastline, a journey of over 44,000 miles.

Canvas 2 – Migration

The Artic Tern’s journey flies and glides over all of the world’s oceans, performing all of its tasks whilst on the wing.

Canvas 3 – Australis

In only 6 months the Arctic Tern has completed its north to south mammoth flight, experiencing two summers along the way and more daylight than any other animal on the planet.

Now here is where I used a bit of artistic license as my own Arctic Tern was lucky enough to experience both the Northen Lights (Aurora Borealis) and Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) in the same year.

These three paintings are up for sale as a complete series. Inquires may come to me.

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