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Summer In The Studio

This year didn’t turn out quite how any of us expected. Luckily, with a dash of hope and secretly crossed fingers, it looks like Malta is out of the worst of the crisis. We can start going back to a sense of normality, whatever that is. I’ve lost track of the days, the weeks, the months, but luckily I’ve got a growing bump to keep me grounded in time. The traditional home – work – life balance rule book has been thrown out of the window now that I’m working at home, and will be for the next few weeks or months, too. There are just a few things I’ve missed, like unrestricted wandering around in nature, taking Luna to the local dog park, and grabbing a cup of tea and a slice of cake of an afternoon. But I’ve tried to fill my days with adapting to a new lifestyle – in many more ways than one – and adapting to a new studio life. My art studio is currently on hiatus, while we do some building works to move it upstairs to make room for our new addition. So in the meantime, I’ve been re-evaluating my past works, finding ways to reconnect to them, and am learning to work smaller, quicker, and in new mediums. All skills that will benefit me when my studio time is limited to how long the baby sleeps. I’m grateful that I can channel my thoughts into writing, and painting. Much needed brain exercise, even though the body might be falling behind a bit. I’m surrounding myself with inspiration, stopping, looking and gladly archiving my paintings, drawings, sketchbooks…there’s a lot more of them than I though.

What I’ve Been Creating

Though I’m painting a lot less frequently and a lot of my studio is packed away in boxes, there’s always room for a sketchbook!

I hope to stay creative through little expressive pieces, journaling if you will. Hopefully these pieces are still inspiring and give you a little window into this artist’s transformation. This month, I dug out an old set of charcoal pencils, and was pretty surprised with the results. This tricky yet simply medium is beautifully dynamic and works wonderfully for creating small pieces full of contrast. I’m going to try out some more larger works in this medium, and have already brought myself some new pencils, tools and paper to get stuck in!

Needless to say, I’ve had baby on the brain. How is it possible to love you already? We’re half way to our journey to you, but the adventure of a lifetime has only just begun. Part of me is sad that your story runs parallel to a pandemic, but it’s given me more time to create, reflect and prepare. More time to create these little reminders of you in my sketchbooks. …

I also took a virtual a sketching trip to Hallstatt, the beautiful Austrian lake village, where I planned to spend a solo painting holiday this year. Maybe next year.

I’ve also been inspired by Franz Marc again recently, obsessed by him simplistic lines and the way shape and colour create mood.

What I’ve Been Reading

  1. Goldilocks and the Water Bears by Louisa Preston, an enlightening look at how life formed in the Universe, how and where we might find it orbiting other stars

  2. Baby by Desmond Morris, a tale of early development from the womb through the first two years of life. Less a book of what to expect but more what to be awed by

  3. Generation of Leaves by my husband, Justin Fenech, currently in its first draft. A tale of two women bound together by grief and Greece.

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  9. I’m also open to accepting a limited number of commissions, open until September 2020.

Please let me know what you think by dropping a comment in this blog, sending me an email or contacting me on social media. I’d love to share my thoughts with you on art, nature, the cosmos, even how to enjoy a cup of tea, it’s up to you. Thank you for following!

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