• Chloe Fenech

Our Place in the Universe

Monarch Butterflies Acrylics on Canvas

Rulers of the sky, No vulture ever soared so high As to see its own creation.

No butterfly ever flapped its wings And changed the beating of our planet’s heart. Rulers of the land, Our footprints trampling the carbon Out of stardust-turned fossils.

The lion never left so much waste That the decomposers decomposed.

Rulers of the sea, The humpback’s moonlight sonata Drowned by hulls, by steel, by the sounds That even silence cannot ignore.

Rulers of the cosmos, The persieds streak through matter To which we have no consequence We are merely matter That does not matter. Against what we cannot contemplate, Numbers to great, heat too hot, Horizons that cannot be broken.

Looking up to the heavens we should realise Only we can see this. Looking down to our planet Only we can save this.

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