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Journeys With The Moon

50 years ago today, and the first humans took their first steps on the moon. Since then, our view of this distant, dirty white rock has been changed forever. The moon is very unlike our blue, vibrant planet: it’s grey, barren, almost featureless except for its craters, and it’s stuck in an eternal dance with the earth, like a dancer held in an embrace and never able to look away from her partner. I’ll admit that I didn’t take a massive amount of notice of the moon for a long while. The planets are more dynamic, more curious and mysterious. But having the moon in cosmic terms, in our back garden, gives us a unique perspective. Over the past few months, and with the acquisition of a telescope, I’ve gained a new appreciation and understanding of the moon, and today on the anniversary of Apollo 11, it felt like as good a day as ever to share. Whether I’m wandering through the Plaza de España in Seville, enjoying some celebratory cocktails on a beach in Malta, or simply lost on my own rooftop, I can help but look at the moon and wonder what the view is like from up there.

The moon appearing over sunny Seville

And the moon is vital to the prosperity of our planet, powering the tides and dictating the life and breeding cycles of countless species. It has no mammoth storms, no great lakes and certainly no life, but it has, what Buzz Aldrin called “Magnificent desolation.”

Below are a few snippets of inspiration from this most magnificent and familiar of celestial objects.

Neil Armstrong’s footstep on the lunar surface


Inspirational reading, looking forward to starting this one!

View of the full moon through my Celestron Travelscope telescope, from the island of Malta

The moon in its First Quarter, from Malta

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