• Chloe Fenech

GUEST DOODLEWASH: A Life In Natural Colour


My name is Chloe Jayne Waterfield and I’m from England, but have been living in Malta for the past 13 years (follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and visit my website!). Digging into the source of passion is a fruitless task. Some questions don’t deserve an answer; why questions like why does the universe exist, why was I born a woman, not a man – and, more personally, and equally un-answerable: why do I paint? It’s just not a question I can ever answer, nor have I ever sought to.

There are many questions that deserve an attempt at answering, and indeed, most of my passion for art originates from my curiosity. My aesthetic wanderlust which works from the outside in. I expose myself to the world around me, its incomprehensible beauty, and I am driven to present it, to myself and others, in a more human, relatable…

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