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Creativity In Isolation

Here in Malta, we might be somewhat isolated on a small island, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s events reaching our shores. Like many countries around Europe and the world, we’re dealing with strict new social distancing measures, isolation and quarantine. Looking back, we’ve all probably lamented how little free time we had at home, but now that we have it, what do we do with it? During extended periods of isolation it can be difficult to stay motivated, but I’ve decided to try as much as possible to make the most out of extra studio time, cleaning up, organising and generally, re-calibrating. Yes, it’s a rubbish situation, but it will end, and when it does, I thought I might as well have some projects and achievements to look back on. So here’s my list of things you can do as an artist to keep on top of your creativity and to keep your spirits up! Archive! One of the great things about a body of work is looking back on it, so much sure you document everything! Dig out those old sketchbooks, watercolours and dust off those canvases and use this time to catalogue the lot. Looking back on your amazing work can be a great motivator, reminding you of what inspires you. You’ll be glad you did when life returns to normal and it’s just another one of those things you “don’t have time for”.

A large wonderful stack of watercolours!

Update Your Website or Shop!

Admin work might be boring, but sometimes it’s necessary. Use your downtime to spruce up your website, spring clean your folders or add some new items to your Etsy shop – especially handy now people might be more inclined to shop online.

Shameless shop promotion! Because artists still have to make a living! #supportsmall

Try A New Medium

If you’ve always painted in acrylics, why not try oils or watercolours (provided you have some at home or you can shop safely for them)? Perhaps even try some art journalling, a collage or even try some photography.

Digging out the pencils for the first time in years…just like riding a bike!

Try Out New Techniques, Or Refresh Old Ones You have time, make use of it. Recharge your artistic batteries and enjoy painting without a deadline. Make the most of the natural light from your window, or paint outside if you can. Enjoy the longer hours of daylight and indulge in those projects that you’d normally struggle to fit in on the weekend.

Back to Cosmic Nature, layering and a hint of spring!

Have A Clear-Out

This could be a great time to not only clear your head, but clear some clutter out of your life. Not using your makeup, fancy clothes or even the vast majority of your art supplies for four weeks really gets you thinking: what’s important? How much of this stuff do I actually need? Have a studio sale, an online sale or give quality items away to someone who’ll appreciate them more than you.

All this joy going to waste!

Read Those Books!

Have you got a stack of paperbacks you haven’t read yet? Those desperate airport buys, Book Depository must-haves? Grab one and a cup of tea, your favourite armchair or garden chair and read, read, read!

Two very different perspectives of life on our planet…coincidence?

Reconnect and Disconnect

Reconnect from the mundanity of things that don’t bring you joy. Clean up your social media feed, or simply your pointless social media habits. Use your time online to reconnect with friends and family.

Don’t Forget To Exercise!

If your dog lets you…

“I guess I’ll just lie right in your way”

What have you been up to? Share your ideas and inspiration in the comments!

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