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Cosmic Thoughts – Wonder

“Laysan Waltz” oils on canvas and part of the Cosmic Nature collection to be included in my upcoming book. The photo doesn’t give the colours justice! You can now commission your own unique piece of Cosmic Nature and take home your own personal wonder. Inquiries can come to me.

For me atmosphere is wonder. Showing just enough of something to excite the imagination. The Laysan albatross is an ode to that wonder. These birds that dance so majestically, like fencers with the grace of ballet dancers, are here shown in their straight-arrow pose looking up to the jovial night sky, as if listening out for the very music of the spheres.

Their feet are buried in the sand, as if not wanting to hear what the earth is saying. But their heads are lined up with the falling Milky Way, their eyes another set of stars. Their beauty, their majesty, is harmonised with the cosmos. After all, these birds are made of stars. Just like everything else. And yet, they don’t even know it.

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