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Cosmic Thoughts – Blooms

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll have seen the slow but steady progress being made on my latest Cosmic painting. and in between poor weather, a busy work schedule and of course the in-between-layers-drying time, I can finally call this one finished.

The finished piece, 60 x 80cm oils on canvas

“Cosmic Blooms” is of course inspired by the fragile beauty of the Japanese cherry blossom, and the delicate, fluid yet solid structure of nebulae. But this painting is also about more than that, it’s about the search for light in the dark, celebrating change and the impermanence of things. There’s a Japanese phrase that sums this up beautifully: mono no aware, which focuses on this impermanence and transience.

The flower looks different depending on the angle you look at it, or the time of day, whether its petals are reaching for the sun, or folding away as the moon rises. In the same way, our view of the stars is always changing as time literally stretches out around us. The nebulae we see are not as they are, but as they were some many millions of years ago. Cherry blossoms are a brief window into the present, but the stars are a great chasm into the past.

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