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Cosmic Nature – eBook Coming Soon

A recent house renovation meant that I had to pack away the contents of my studio and abandon any painting pursuits for a couple of weeks. Sorting, cataloging and storing works meant that I had plenty of time to reflect fondly on my work, and wonder what I could do with it. How could I put all of these pieces together into a digestible, collective format. Why can’t paintings be enjoyed the same way as a collection of love poems, short stories, or a photo album.

Well the truth is, they can.

So I’ve decided to take my largest body of work to date and transform it into a book. Two books in fact – the second of which will remain a surprise, for now. Cosmic Nature is both a book and a series, and is meant for the scientist, the wanderer, the dreamy explorer in all of us. It’s a celebration of the wonders of life, from the great sweeping light and darkness of the cosmos, to the humble insects and blooms that came from the same stardust that our planet and ourselves are made of. Below is a preview of some of the 4o+ paintings from the series. Stay tuned for updates!

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