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Black Holes And Mini Paintings

Today, the 8th of January 2020 would have been Professor Stephen Hawking’s 77th birthday. I was truly saddened to learn of the great man’s death: we all hoped he’d defy the odds of his ill health and live forever. I’ve been truly inspired by his discoveries and in celebration of a lifetime of achievement, I’ve released a brand-new collection of mini paintings inspired by the cosmos.

This is the story behind these mini canvases, full of colour, energy and light.

All these little paintings are only 5 x 8cm and painted in acrylic paint and come with their own easel, making them the cutest little desk buddies or shelf decorations. If you have a little corner of your home where you want to remember the great discoveries, then you might find what you’re looking for in this collection. Each painting has its own miniature story, too.

Betelgeuse is currently causing much debate among scientists: is it dimming, is it not? Are we looking at a soon-to-be supernova? (and by soon we mean another 100,000 years or so. I’m haunted by just how stoic and clear and low to the sky the stunning constellation of Orion was when I travelled from the UK last year. I always drawn to this familiar pattern in the sky, even though we can’t see it here until winter.

And after reading Lucie Green’s wonderful book and learning just how unremarkable our star is in a universe of billions, I couldn’t help but paint our most beautiful sun.

Sadly, Professor Hawking was no longer around when scientists finally captured that extraordinary image of a Black Hole in our own galaxy, but his groundbreaking work on the subject was what drove the whole project.

I’ve loved playing on such a small surface, and the irony of painting some of the largest structures in the known universe on something so small makes me smile.

I hope you’ll share a celebration and enjoy this collection with me. These paintings are all ready to purchase on Etsy, and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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