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An Albatross And An Exhibition

It can be difficult to find the right type of juried art show, gallery or exhibition to submit your paintings to. Apart from the apprehension of sharing your work with the world of critics and everyday art lovers, it can be tricky to put yourself into a criteria. Contemporary, modern, edgy, etc. So when the right show comes along, you have to seize the opportunity. That’s exactly what I did when I came across The Art of Planetary Science, a stunning annual exhibition held in the Kuiper Space Sciences Building at the University of Arizona. This three day showcase is packed full of art inspired by everything to do with the cosmos. It was the perfect fit! In their own words:

The University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab presents The Art of Planetary Science, an exhibition of art, created from and inspired by the solar system and the scientific data with which we explore it. “

Of course, deciding which single painting I wanted to represent my cosmic journey wasn’t going to be easy. But there was one stand-out contender. “Wandering Universe” is one of the paintings in my collection that will probably always be a favourite. I absolutely love the colour combinations, and have come back to this vivid ultramarine blue and fuschia pink theme multiple times since. Featuring a solitary albatross flying against the vastness of the cosmos, this painting is a testament to freedom, exploration and discovery. It’s about being curious, following your heart and, just like the wandering albatross, letting the wind carry you.

So when this painting was selected as one of the finalists for the 2019 Art of Planetary Science exhibition, I was – pun intended – over the moon. My painting had found its wings, my Cosmic Nature series found its voice, and “Wandering Universe” was to fly half way across the world to Tuscon, Arizona for this one of a kind show.

Over 300 artists from all over the world united in their common passion for the stars. Below are some photos from the event. A massive thanks to the organisers, artists and guests!

Photos thanks the The Art of Planetary Science.

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