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A Million Sunrises

It’s not always easy to find time to create. Whether it’s finding time in your head, or time on paper, it’s that often-elusive, never-enough-of-it outlook that holds us back from creating, more than the limited time itself.

Taking time out to get creative is important, and it doesn’t necessarily mean painting either. Perhaps it’s planning out your next blogs, scribbling down some creative ideas or taking photographs of your work, there’s always plenty to do. Right now, I find myself three canvases ahead and with ideas and plans spilling out all over the place. Cosmic-ness is coming out of my ears, and I can feel the potential for new blooms just begging to be painted. So it was only right that I took a little step back to paint something small while I had the chance and the muse.

This something small was a simple idea that I’d had in my head for a couple of weeks, but I’d never quite found the right moment to do it. After a hectic work week and an in-depth conversation about artistic careers, and quite honestly pretty exhausted, it oddly felt like the perfect time to paint.

This tiny little thing is barely bigger than a post-it note, but it achieves everything I wanted it to and more. It’s not a great leap from my other Cosmic Nature paintings, but I can feel myself connecting more with nature and less with the animals within it. Plants and flowers have a place somewhere in this series, it’s just going to take a little more figuring out.

With all our obsession with time, this piece and its title “A Million Sunrises” seemed very appropriate. The subject is, for those of you who aren’t familiar with trees, is a bristlecone pine. It’s the oldest living thing on earth, and some of them have been stoically watching the sun rise and fall, and witnessing the shifting faces of the moon for over 5,000 years!

Painting takes time. And while we might not have quite as much time as these trees, we have more than we think. Make a creative commitment every day, no matter how small or how brief, and you’ll soon see the tiny steps turn into a great pathway to your next big idea.

Note – while writing this blog, I was inspired for another Cosmic piece. Oh what to do!

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