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A Different Kind Of Painting

The process of this watercolour painting was quite different to my usual habits. I’d consider myself not the most imaginative of thinkers: I can’t conjure up brand new innovations or fully formed expressions in my head. I imagine in little snippets, carried away by a melancholy piece of music or an emotion, or just a sense of wonder that I want to capture.

But this time was different, as I found myself in a very different scenario. This painting is all about vulnerability, anxiety, and letting go. I find that letting go whilst painting is easy: I can clear my head of thoughts, forget time and get caught up in the movement alongside some good music. This watercolour, called ‘The Stars Fall To Space’ is about finding freedom, and more importantly about finding the freedom you already have. The stars are falling, yet not falling: gravity is supporting them, but ever so gently. Earth is close enough that they feel neither scared nor alone, nor trapped or bound by the gravity down there.

The exercise of painting can be great therapy. I’ve always let my paintings do the talking, and they’ve never really been about me at all, just parts of me: the inspiration, the creative, the awestruck child in me. This time, after I did the talking, the painting was fully formed, made perfect sense and more importantly, everything was calm. Painting is creative fuel, emotional sticky-tape and super powers all at once.

Sometimes, all you need to do is add a little colour.

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