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A Bookdate!

It’s already May, and I’ve already spent the better part of this year turning a series of paintings into a book, a virtual gallery. What started off as just a fleeting idea snowballed, and I’m now wading through 40+ paintings, stacks of notes, proofreading, editing, and trying to put years of thoughts down on paper.

Telling a painting’s story for me is never easy, so perhaps deciding to write a whole book of them was an ambitious move! I believe that paintings need a voice. Sometimes, the voice comes from the viewer, but sometimes it has to come from the artist instead. And for a bit of backstory on how the Cosmic Nature collection started, it was around late 2015 – early 2016 when I was in between series, and of course mulling between ideas, as I so often am. I remember watching one of Brian Cox’s series, after it being recommended to me by my twin sister, and I was instantly hooked. Here was someone who brought physics and the universe down to my level. The way Chinese lanterns, salt and pepper pots and sticks could tell the universe’s story, and his childish passion for the subject were the hook I needed to explore my own feelings about the vastness of everything.

The final cover, thanks to your votes

It’s the way we as humans often fail to comprehend just how many zeroes it takes to meet the universe at its inevitable end.

It’s the way such supermassive structures just hang in space like clouds, like tufts of the lightest cotton candy. It’s that light is so fast, but never quite fast enough.

A sneak peek!

Looking up into the cosmos is the ultimate time machine – we can see the past, or, are we already in the future?

A break from the easel was needed. It’s not that I’m not painting, but I’m working smaller, re-purposing, re-using, and looking back at the body of work I already have (with a sigh of relief and satisfaction, I might add). But I’m letting ideas sit and connect themselves together and learning to work with new prompts.

For now it’s back to re-titling paintings and getting to their heart and soul. Good times!

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