I can't pinpoint the moment I became obsessed with nature. I guess it was simply there all along. From the tadpoles kept in a bucket to the rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs I had as pets, nature was always a part of me. I'd spend hours sketching, watercolouring, writing stories about wild animals, giving them souls, giving them life.

Now, as a twenty-something my obsession has become my art, my life's work. All of my art is created out of a love and admiration of nature, for the desire to learn and to discover it all.

I paint. I write. I travel.

These are the three cornerstones of my artistic journey, my path to painterly happiness. Whether its planning the next canvas, writing about my experiences as an artist, or simply as a person, or planning my next adventure, the goal is to discover nature everywhere.



2019 - Group Exhibition "The Art of Planetary Science", Kuiper Space Sciences, Tucson, AZ, USA
2017 - Group Exhibition at Cavalieri Art Hotel, Malta
2016 - Group Exhibition "Cavalieri Arts Expression 2016", Malta
2015 - Group Exhibition "SHout, Artists Against Spring Hunting", Din L-Art Helwa, Valletta, Malta
2014 - Solo Exhibition "The Living World" at Le Meridien, Malta
2014 Group Exhibition "Traces of Life", IL, USA
2014 - Solo Exhibition "Paintings at the Palace", Malta
2013 - Solo Exhibition "The Art Instinct" at Cavalieri Art Hotel, Malta


2020 - "Certificate of Excellence" award, CFA Artist of the Month contest for April/May 2020
2018 - Finalist in 2018 Artist of the Year - "Certificate of Excellence" award, Circle Foundation for the Arts
2017 - Selected in "Animals" Juried Art Show, Colors of Humanity Gallery, PA, USA
2016  - Selected in "Animals" Juried Art Show, Colors of Humanity Gallery, PA, USA
2014 - Selected in "Traces of Life" Juried Art Show, Arterie Gallery, IL, USA